Tab Utilities

Tab Utilities

Make Firefox tabs more powerful with this add-on


  • Customize tab behavior
  • Different tab appearance according to status
  • Many configuration options


  • May feel a bit overwhelming at first

Very good

Tab Utilities is a great Firefox add-on that brings new functionality to tabs in your browser.

With Tab Utilities you can customize almost every single aspect of your tabs, from their appearance – depending on their status – to the place they’re opened, or they way they behave when clicking them with different mouse buttons.

The truth is Tab Utilities includes so many configuration options that it feels a bit overwhelming at first sight. Don’t let this impression put you off though; a bit of patience and a little time to configure it to your liking really pays off.

Tab Utilities features a convenient tabbed configuration menu with specific areas to tweak tab opening and closing, links, mouse behavior, tab appearance and tab menu commands. In fact, it's very similar to Tab Mix Plus, another great tab-related add-on. We suggest you try them both and keep the one you like best.

With Tab Utilities you can make tabs in Firefox more useful and powerful.

Tab Utilities


Tab Utilities

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